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Kansas & Missouri Unemployment Attorney

Hard working honest people lose their jobs on a daily basis, often through no fault of their own.  Fortunately, both Kansas and Missouri have unemployment benefit programs designed to allow people a measure of security to bridge the financial gap until they can find new employment.  Unfortunately, many employers fight tooth and nail to deny those unemployment benefits for the sole purpose of minimizing their expenditures. If you've been terminated or forced to quit your job you must be prepared to fight for the unemployment benefits you deserve.

Frequently, unemployed workers believe that their right to unemployment benefits is so obvious that they take on the initial unempoyment appeal hearing themselves and are then shocked when they are denied unemployment benefits.  Do not let the seemingly informal nature of the initial appeal hearing fool you. These are evidentiary hearings, mini-trials essentially,  and are frequently the first and last chance you will get to present evidence to support your claim.  They are not a simple phone conference, but rather a fully adversarial proceeding.  They must be treated accordingly because while there are additional appeals available, appealing these initial unemployment appeal hearing determinations is often an uphill battle that can be avoided by consulting an experienced unemployment attorney early in the process.

If you've lost your job and your employer is fighting your claim, please call the Kalberg Law Office, L.L.C. for a free consultation. There are hard and fast time deadlines on all of these cases, so, please call as early in the unemployment appeal process as possible.  If your appeal is untimely, you will likely be denied unemployment benefits regardless of the facts of your case.  

At the Kalberg Law Office, L.L.C. we provide the most thorough of unemployment appeal representation at a fair and equitable price.  We offer a fixed, flat fee structure so that you know in advance exactly what our representation will cost, and, in some cases we will work with payment plans.  As the initial appeal process is done primarily in writing, and the initial hearing is typically done via phone, we can efficiently assist anyone with an unemployment benefits appeal pending in Kansas or Missouri regardless of your physical location.

  • Experienced, successful unemployment appeal representation
  • Simple flat fees
  • ​Credit Cards happily accepted
  • Location is not important.  If you have an unemployment appeal in Kansas or Missouri we can help.