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About the Kalberg Law Office, L.L.C
With over a decade of experience handling Kansas and Missouri  unemployment appeals, Chris Kalberg, of the Kalberg Law Office, L.L.C.  is a highly experienced unemployment appeal attorney dedicated to assisting unemployed workers obtain the unemployment benefits they deserve.  From our office in Overland Park, Kansas we are able and available to assist unemployed workers throughout Kansas and Missouri regardless of where they might be located.  
My name is Chris Kalberg, and the standing premise behind my firm is to provide the most thorough and effective handling of unemployment appeals throughout Kansas and Missouri at a fair and reasonable price.  When you need an experienced unemployment attorney to make sure your rights are protected, and every avenue to secure your Kansas or Missouri unemployment benefits exhausted. No one will fight more aggressively on your behalf.

With over a decade  of experience handling unemployment appeals in both Kansas and Missouri,  we have the tools,  knowledge and experience necessary to effectively fight your battle for unemployment benefits.  Kansas and Missouri Unemployment appeals  can be very complicated matters, but we posess both the procedural experience in how to how these cases are handled as well as the substantive knowledge of the law underlying unemployment appeals to most effectively assist with your Kansas or Missouri unemplyment appeal.

Kansas and Missouri unemployment appeals are a niche of "employment law" that few employment law attorneys deal with on a regular basis.  We do, and have been for over ten years.  

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